I went to this place because I needed an extra key for my apartment door and this was closest to my school.The owner was so kind and he totally made my day! I would recommend this place to anyone who's looking for a locksmith.
Winnie Shum
Winnie S.
20:35 16 Sep 19
Very professional.
HARSH singh
11:44 31 Jul 19
Very nice people. very good service
Attila Simon
Attila S.
16:45 17 Jul 19
There was a problem with 2 keys that they cut. They immediately cut two new ones that worked. They apologized. That's excellent customer service and I will use them again and highly recommend them.
Nicholas Florakas
Nicholas F.
02:31 03 Jun 19
asked them to re-key two locks. Arrived on time and get job done in 15 minutes. Very professional. Highly recommended
Hao Guo
Hao G.
20:01 08 May 19
Very quick service
Michael Thibeault
Michael T.
13:50 08 May 19
Been dealing with these guys for as long as I can remember. Very professional, quality and reliable work and services. Always a pleasure doing business.
11:18 30 Mar 19
First time customer of NK Lock & Security, greeted by 2 friendly Aussie sheppard's, fast key cutting services, all keys operational, owner and staff are solid!
Gary Thomas
Gary T.
15:06 17 Jan 19
Very decent company, great service tech. I chose NKL over other companies because they were having a promotion. They were slower to reply than a couple of other places, but that may be because it was not urgent and I enquired for quotes by email rather than phone. They didn't show up for the initial inspection to give me a quote (-1 star), but sent someone out the next morning and were very apologetic, extending the promotion by one day so that I would still receive it. Service tech Marty was very efficient and helpful - I needed to install all new locks and handles after painting the doors - he showed me some tips to make life easier. Thanks for your help, Marty, I got it installed and working!
Shannon Cayer
Shannon C.
03:13 02 Jun 18
Glenn Simkins
Glenn S.
05:23 21 Jan 18
This is actually a legitimate locksmith business! Beware of fake locksmith companies in Ottawa claiming to be real!
Danielle Vicha
Danielle V.
16:10 03 Jan 18
zach proulx
zach P.
00:21 30 Dec 17
Super duper quick service
Francois Maltais
Francois M.
22:39 27 Dec 17
Fast,professional,same day. They came because I could not loosen the screws on my dysfunctional latch assembly. Not only did I get a new door knob - right out of the van- but they also replaced my deadbolt which was stiff in Winter; all for less cost than buying a new latch assembly. They were recommended to me by Canadian Tire in Bells Corners.
Nigel Brereton
Nigel B.
01:30 21 Sep 16
Made some spare keys and they worked the first time unlike Canadian Tire.
Reuben H
Reuben H
14:07 24 Aug 16
Great guys, very professional services. Never had a problem of any kind. Truly recommend them.
Antuan Torres
Antuan T.
19:00 09 Jun 14
Quick and easy
tristan rundle
tristan R.
14:08 19 Oct 12